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A Tale of Violence, Sex and Gambling!


He went to speak the tape over his mouth preventing anything audible, or for that fact discernible. Without warning something hit him a massive blow on the left shoulder, the pain was instantaneous and excruciating, and he felt his left arm go numb. Before he could recover, another blow of similar force bore down on his right hand smashing the tendons and, breaking all his fingers.......


He gulped down the satisfying alcohol, bent forward and placed the glass on the table. With that he turned, releasing the towel secured around his waist and embraced her in a vice-like grip. Surprisingly, notwithstanding his affection and love, he was always a little rough with her. Their lips met in unison...


“What I am about to tell you is highly confidential and will be all over the press in the next few days however it is being held back as it is so explosive.’ DCI Hot Shot Pemberton has been playing away from home. Nothing startling about that you will be reasoning. Wrong I am afraid in every respect Smithy. The investigations are on-going. Pemberton has not just been playing away from home in a sexual manner, he has been taking kick-backs from London Casino bosses as well as running up massive gambling debts....


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Ronnie Paterson


Ronnie Paterson was born to an Irish mother and Scottish father in Glasgow on 16th July 1945 following the cessation of the Second World War. On completion of his education, Ronnie joined the Scots Guards, serving in Malaya and Borneo, Cyprus and Northern Ireland, where he was wounded in action, resulting in the award of ‘Mentioned in Dispatches for Gallantry’. He rose to Warrant Officer, Class 1 and during 1989 was commissioned to the rank of Captain. The Falklands war saw him take part in the final battle of the conflict (Mount Tumbledown); watching from this vantage point he witnessed the white flag being raised by the Argentinian Generals over Port Stanley on 14th June 1982. As his fortieth birthday beckoned, he decided to resign his commission and leave the Army. Read more

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